Biochar is an ancient practice of making charcoal by pyrolysis through biomass waste/organic matter. Making carbon locked in the soil for thousands of years and is a stable form of carbon. It has so many benefits for our soil. Maximizing carbon storage and cleaning our air and water. Biochar holds more significance than ever before. To keep carbon in our soil and out of our atmosphere we all have to be making biochar. Biochar isn’t the only solution to global warming and deforestation but it is a major key component to help save our planet and build up earths top soil.

Biochar is very porous and acts as microbe hotel. It has the capacity to hold water and plant nutrients in it and makes it available when crops need them. It also improves soil structure and gives quality homes for microbes to thrive in. Biology will live in the biochar’s porous shape and create all sorts of beneficial connection’s between the soil, plants, and microbes. Biochar provides so many soil benefits that increase plant health, water retention, erosion control and nutrition. If it’s a backyard garden, larger scale farm, our forest floors and watersheds biochar will increase plant growth, water holding capacity, filtration and the overall harvest. We also create our own microbes through different plant ferments and natural farming inputs.